In February 2007, several Arkansas municipalities met in Little Rock and decided there should be a fleet association that would provide the opportunity for public fleet personnel throughout the State to meet and share ideas and information. In November 2007, the first meeting of the Arkansas Public Fleet Managers Association (APFMA) was held in Fayetteville. Since then, we make sure to come together at least once a year.

In a chapter-issued press release shortly after his appointment to APFMA president, Scott Stubblefield discussed the organization’s name change to The Arkansas Public Fleet Professionals Association (“APFPA”).

“Our organization is a grass-roots group; and we want to appeal to all levels of fleet personnel, from the rank and file members of the shop to the executives in higher echelons of government.

“Arkansas is a state of 503 small towns; but small towns need not think small. Even though they may only have a few vehicles without centralized fleet management, the same cost-saving fleet “best practices”, as discussed at our meetings, could also save their towns valuable tax dollars. We need to bring our message of emerging technologies, fleet optimization, vehicle replacement and maintenance solutions, to name just a few of the cutting edge ideas we discuss, to others throughout our State – no matter the size of the fleet or the level of the fleet professional. Ours is a professional organization open to all levels of fleet personnel, and our new name better reflects our mission to bring fleet best practices to all fleet professionals in Arkansas and surrounding States.

“Over time, our organization’s logo, website, email address and all marketing materials will be changed to reflect the name change,” Mr. Stubblefield concluded.

Our goal is to have all Arkansas government fleet professionals and fleet-related service providers as members. Each added member will make our association stronger and enable us to provide better services to our members and to the government agencies they serve.

Organization Purpose

Our purpose is to increase the knowledge and ability of local governmental fleet professionals, administrators, and technicians by providing fleet professionals with knowledge, information, and resources.

We are a professional organization that provides a meeting ground where the public fleet community can share best practices and collaborate on ideas to improve efficiencies to their governmental fleet operations throughout the state of Arkansas.

Members provide leadership and knowledge in order to assist fleet professionals in developing cutting edge techniques and practices in their operations.